Make Sure Alumni Know About the DonorsChoose Opportunity

In celebration of UTeach's 20th anniversary, and in appreciation of wonderful UTeach alumni, ExxonMobil has provided a $150 gift code for UTeach alumni to use on Get more information about this great opportunity.

Host an Event for Alumni

The 20th anniversary of UTeach is a great opportunity to reconnect, recognize, and highlight your UTeach alumni. Alumni are the best representatives of your program and reflect all of the dedication and work you have done as a UTeach program. Now is the time to remind them of why they chose your program and give them opportunities to reconnect with you.

Host an event to bring your alumni together. Encourage alumni to share their successes. Celebrate your program's amazing teachers in any way you can think of! 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • STEM trivia night
  • Tailgate party
  • Professional development session
  • Fun run/5K
  • Happy hour
  • Induction Panel Night (see below)
  • Publish alumni profiles on your website regularly throughout the year. Look at the ones we're doing!
  • Encourage alumni to send us videos wishing UTeach a happy 20th birthday. 
  • Invite an alumnus to speak at your end-of-semester celebration for apprentice teachers or at another special event.

If you let us know what you're hosting and when, we'll help get the word out! And we'd love to see any articles or videos about your alumni. Email Amy Winters at

Activity Checklist

If you decide to host an event, here's a checklist to help you plan:

  • Recruit members to create a planning team. Involve alumni and student organization representatives if appropriate.
  • Convene the team and determine what sort of activity your program wants to plan.
  • Recruit others as needed to help.
  • Share the details about your event with UTeach Institute so that we can help promote it. Email Amy Winters at
  • If needed, ask the Institute for assistance in creating messages for various media to promote the activity. (Email Amy!)
  • Determine logistics: timeline, supplies, location, how people will RSVP, and the person responsible for each to-do item.
  • Promote the event multiple times through email, social media, flyers, and so on.
  • Prepare for the event: gather supplies, arrange logistics, track RSVPs.
  • Hold the event. Document with photos, videos, or other items to share from the event.
  • Send photos and videos to the UTeach Institute so that we can highlight and celebrate what your program has done! 

Email Amy Winters at with any questions and with photos, videos, stories, or anything else.

Induction Panel Night

Some UTeach programs have implemented an Induction Panel Night each semester. Alumni return to campus one evening and attend the Apprentice Teaching seminar.

They introduce themselves to the group and then host breakout groups focused on various topics of interest to apprentice teachers. The apprentice teachers rotate through the breakout groups to ask questions and get advice as they prepare to become first-year teachers.

A small reception with refreshments can be held before or after, and goodie bags can be given to the alumni as a thank you. (Continuing education credits can also be awarded if possible.)